Update Nov. 29, 2020: The upper mountain has 11″ of new snowfall and 24” in the last four days. It is wind-loaded and resting on weak layers. Real avalanche hazards exist. Eaglecrest is backcountry when we are not operating, and there has not been any avalanche control work in the ski area. Stay home if you do not have backcountry skills, equipment, and knowledge!

Eaglecrest has amazing backcountry access. It’s part of what makes us such a special ski area, but you must realize that backcountry is dangerous. There are no Ski Patrol services or avalanche control work. You may encounter avalanches, unmarked terrain hazards, disorienting terrain, and abrupt changes in weather.

When Eaglecrest is not operating, the ski area is backcountry. When Eaglecrest is operating, the terrain beyond the ski area boundary is backcountry. Whenever you venture into backcountry terrain, you are solely responsible for your decisions, safety, and welfare.

Educate yourself on how to reduce the risk of injury or death from avalanches through your own actions and awareness. Take a training class, get certified, read online resources, and feel free to contact Eaglecrest Ski Patrol for further information.

It’s simple: know before you go!


Mountain Edventures is a new Juneau-based group of certified guides and avalanche professionals, offering private backcountry education and programs for high schoolers with strong skiing and snowboarding abilities and a desire to explore the backcountry.

Alaska Avalanche School offers a range of avalanche education programs for backcountry skiers, riders, and snowmachiners of all ages and abilities. Browse course offerings to reserve your spot in an AAS course or workshop today.

The Coastal Alaska Avalanche Center (CAAC) is a non-profit organization based in Juneau, Alaska that promotes avalanche safety and accident prevention to the general public. The CAAC is governed by a volunteer board of directors who include avalanche professionals, mountain rescue professionals, and avid backcountry users.

Avalanche.org connects the public to avalanche information and education in the United States. Avalanche.org is a partnership between the American Avalanche Association (A3) and the US Forest Service National Avalanche Center (NAC). The site consolidates data from professional forecast centers to provide real-time avalanche information.


  • Avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, and skills to use them
  • Partners who are properly trained and equipped
  • Practiced companion and self-rescue skills
  • Knowledge of the current snowpack structure
  • The current weather forecast
  • A plan, someone who knows when and where you are going
  • Avalanche awareness training, don’t go without it
  • Backcountry travel skills

Visit skieaglecrest.com/info/#safety for more information.

WINTER 2020-2021 NOTES

  • If you purchased a season pass last year, this year’s purchase will automatically load onto last year’s card. Be on the safe side, and test it before Opening Day. Test or print your season pass at the Ticket Office, now open Wednesday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  • Eaglecrest’s new regular operating schedule is Wednesday through Sunday. We’re open daily over Christmas Break, Spring Break, MLK Day, and Presidents’ Day. Black Bear Chairlift will operate every day. View the calendar for the early-season schedule.
  • Review our winter operations planFace coverings are required whenever you are not actively skiing or snowboarding. Ride as a single or within your social bubble. Treat your vehicle as your lodge. Please be respectful.
  • If you are visiting Eaglecrest, always read the Mountain Report before arriving. Check the Uphill Status if you plan to hike, ski, or snowboard tour.
  • Get pre-fitted at the Rental Shop! Get repairs at the Ski Shop!