As previously announced, Eaglecrest’s Board of Directors and staff are pursuing summer development in an effort to ensure the ski area’s long-term operation, maintenance, and financial sustainability.

Please review the complete Eaglecrest Summer Development Plan using the published links below.

Eaglecrest will host meetings Tuesday, July 16 at Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall and  Thursday, July 18 at the Valley Public Library. Both meetings are scheduled for 6:00 PM. Due to limited seating at the library, everyone is encouraged to attend the first meeting if your schedule allows.

Commercial summer operations have been a long-term goal for Eaglecrest. As the community looks to balance the impacts of tourism’s rapid growth, developing summer operations at Eaglecrest is a solution for Juneau to grow responsibly, alleviate summer capacity concerns in other neighborhoods, and secure the ski area’s future.