December 3, 4:39 PM


Huge thanks to the entire Mountain Operations Team for putting in a valiant effort to capture a very short window of snowmaking temperatures to fortify the lower mountain. We ran 21 guns, a record for Eaglecrest, for 18 hours. Unfortunately the forecasted temperatures never quite materialized to give us quality production. Nonetheless, we added a little depth to our existing piles and left nothing to chance.

As far as opening day is concerned, it’s now up to Mother Nature as much as it is up to us. With the variety of forecasted conditions over the next 5 days across various weather models, it is impossible to predict when Opening Day will be at this point. As soon as we have new information and an opening date, we will share it here, and online in conditions report.

We'll be ready to make snow again as soon as temps arrive. Let's keep those snow dances going as it is looking like there is a chance for significant natural snowfall over the next 10 days that will allow us to officially get the season rolling. For those enthusiastic hikers please be aware that we have very little snow anywhere with hazards everywhere. Steer clear of snowmaking equipment, cables, hoses, and cats. Hopefully, that will change in the next couple of days.