The Eaglecrest Season Pass Sale is launching early this year to coincide with the July PFD distribution and to provide a payment plan option for Adult, Senior, and College passes.

Although there is uncertainty surrounding coronavirus disease and what the future holds, I’d like to offer some reassurance that Eaglecrest will do everything possible to keep the mountain operating this coming winter.

The ski industry is adjusting and learning every week, so it’s hard to forecast what exactly next season will look like operationally. As we get closer to our scheduled opening day (Saturday, December 5), we will release a more detailed operations plan. However, Eaglecrest is in a good position given our remoteness and status as a predominantly locals’ mountain.

Ski areas in the Southern Hemisphere are opening with limited chairlift capacity. They will be a good barometer for our upcoming winter. One potential option we have is to operate Black Bear Chairlift daily to increase our uphill capacity and spread people out across the mountain keeping lower density in our lift portals.

This is a very important year to support your local ski area, and we need every passholder we can get to make it through this difficult time. We hope that the payment plan makes it easier for current and new passholders to support us this coming winter.

Last season, we introduced the Flex Pass as a way to encourage visits from new and more casual skiers and riders. More than 400 of you took us up on the offer! Thank you for the support, but I’ll go a step further this season and ask you to consider upgrading to a Season Pass. Don’t forget about the Pass Perks either!

I’d also like to address our avid backcountry community that enjoys Eaglecrest but avoids the ticket office. Whether you’re riding the chairlifts or not, you are reaping the benefits of our trail crew work, snowmaking, grooming, warming shelters, priority DOT plowing, and other ski area services and projects that costs us time, energy, and money. This is the season to chip in your fair share. Please consider purchasing a Season Pass, Multi-Visit Card, or Flex Pass.

To our entire Eaglecrest community, thank you so much for your emails and vocal support during this year’s budget cycle. The City Assembly approved our budget request for additional funding to compensate for increased interdepartmental expenses, as well as our Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funding.

Eaglecrest is also the recipient of $300,000 in Cares Act funding as part of CBJ’s COVID-19 Conservation Corps, a program that focuses on workforce development and job training for people furloughed, unemployed, and underemployed due to COVID-19. This is will be Eaglecrest’s largest and best-funded trail development effort since the construction of the ski area in 1975. Workers will be employed through the month of October, weather permitting.

The first objective is to complete the Sourdough bike trail from the top of the Hooter Chairlift to the bottom. Other projects include a second mountain bike trail to the left of Lower Hilary’s, a hardened hiking trail to Dick’s Lake with an East Bowl Chutes overlook, a hardened hiking trail to Heavenly Valley with an overlook of Stephens Passage, and a hardened double track trail to Cropley Lake.

Stay tuned, buy your season pass, and thank you for your continued support of Eaglecrest!

Dave Scanlan
General Manager
[email protected]
(907 790-2000 x211