The snowmaking crew took full advantage of a 49-hour weather window, Tuesday 8:00 AM to Thursday 9:00 AM, and made a ton of snow! They really earned their turkey and extra gravy!

Our new groomer Chris and the GM, Dave, took turns in the snowcats smoothing out piles at the Hooter & Ptarmigan chairlift bases. They also filled in the ski trail Muskeg. We’re really impressed with the production, especially from our six new air/water HKD Vipers.

Snow is on the horizon for tonight and the week ahead. A fresh dump would go a long way towards filling in the trails. Temps and humidity levels are expected to dip back into the ideal snowmaking range on Wednesday and beyond. We are excited to get the guns moving up the mountain!

The snow depth is still a ways away from getting the lifts spinning, but we will re-assess early next week. Scheduled opening day remains Saturday, December 7th.

Eaglecrest is overhauling the webcams. We hope to have a few back online before scheduled opening day! Please use the FAA Cameras in the meantime:

Think Cold & Think Snow!