Eaglecrest Ski Area is excited to announce the fundraising for an expanded Electric Vehicle charging site! Juneau Electric Vehicle Association and Alaska Electric Vehicle Association have teamed up to help fundraise this new project.

It can be a long haul up to the mountain during the winter season, and we want to make sure everyone continues to get home safely. The number of EVs on the mountain has outgrown the existing chargers in front of the caretaker’s cabin, so it’s time for some changes heading into the upcoming season. As a part of our offseason projects, the new EV station will be located outside the new Raven’s Rest Cabin. As a result, Hilda Dam Cabin renters would then be able to park overnight at the caretaker’s residence, where the current EV charging station is located.

There is still more work ahead, and you can help! We are looking for volunteers to help build a shelter over the new charger location. Come up and have a fun weekend with your fellow EV drivers this summer! We’re looking for volunteers starting as soon as the second half of July.

Eaglecrest asks the community to support EV charging site projects by donating to the Alaska Electric Vehicle Association’s fundraiser online at gofundme.com.

If you would like to make a larger contribution, please consider sponsoring an EV charger this year. These sponsor displays are available on a year-by-year basis and are currently available! Interested individuals, families, and businesses should call (907)790-2000 x4298 or email [email protected].

Thank you for your ongoing support of Eaglecrest Ski Area.