Update: Black Bear re-opened Sunday, February 16 at 12:30 PM.

You know it’s a deep winter when you’re pushing snow out from under the chairlifts! Hopefully, everyone is enjoying this Pow Day! We woke up to 3″ of new snow, and now we have a surprise Winter Weather Advisory through 6:00 AM Sunday. We’ve already picked up a few inches since this morning, and we’ll see another 3-6” by first chair tomorrow!

Sadly, Black Bear did not open today and will be delayed again on Sunday. No timetable. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re feeling it too!

Yesterday, Friday, the guys were out de-icing towers, shoveling lift terminals, and clearing chairs, and they were back on same towers all over again this morning after another big, wet freeze last night. Unfortunately, it’s not always as “simple” as knocking the ice off and spinning the lift. More often than not, a round of de-icing means more maintenance on sensors, wires, sheaves, etc. Newer lifts don’t have these issues nearly as bad, but c’est la vie at Eaglecrest!

The ice is causing a sensor issue on towers 24-27, but we still need to diagnose the exact location. All that being said, the crew will have to de-ice the same towers and a few others on Ptarmigan first thing tomorrow morning. We’ve been getting snow all day, and it’s tracking to continue. It’s been a lovely, grueling winter for Mountain Operations and Ski Patrol staff! Your coworkers and community appreciate everything you do!

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