We’ve had a very busy summer! There’s some much exciting news to share! Join us for Discover Eaglecrest Day, Saturday, September 29, and see for yourself.

Snowmaking Improvements

Eaglecrest is taking substantial measures to improve our snowmaking capabilities. We have a new pump house that will give us enough water pressure to make snow to the top of Hooter. Historically, this hasn’t been possible given the limitations of our gravity fed waterlines from Cropley Lake.

As part of the expansion, the pump house will supply 2400’ of pipeline, which will be installed in phases, to allow us to make snow across the lower mountain (Phase 1) and, eventually, over to the base of the Black Bear Chairlift (Phase 2). The pipeline installation starts next week, and our goal is to make Phase 1 a reality this season!

This will be a game changer for terrain openings. Early season snow conditions are often really good above the Hooter Chairlift, but we can’t open the entire mountain without a safe route back to the parking lot. The snowmaking expansion will allow us to bridge the gap between the upper and lower mountains and make our winter operations more dependable.

More Summer Projects

  • New generator for the Black Bear Chairlift!

  • New offloading ramp for the Ptarmigan Chairlift!

  • New bridge at the base of the lower mountain!

  • New entrance to our Lower Nordic Skiing Trails!

  • New bar inside the Fish Creek Lodge!

  • New Hilda Cabin under construction!