It is official the seasons are changing and the excitement for the winter ahead is intensifying! Here is an Eaglecrest shoulder season update from the General Manager:

The last month has been a busy one with lots of chair lift maintenance projects underway. The crew has been busy doing detailed servicing of the gearboxes and braking systems on all of our lifts changing fluids and checking specifications. Our annual NDT inspections on 20% of the chair clips have been completed and all of the clips have passed inspection. Greasing and replacing sheave wheels will be continuing on Black Bear and Ptarmigan over the next couple of weeks. Hooter and Porcupine’s annual servicing work is now complete. We are excited that our second lift mechanic from last winter will be returning to us around October 1st for another winter season.

Our other big project over the next two months is getting our snowmaking system ready to roll. We are very excited to announce that we have purchased another 7 HKD Impulse air/water snowguns to add to our fleet for this winter. The snowguns are very energy efficient and dependable producers in marginal temperatures. This will bring our fleet of HDK air/water snow guns to 20 and will be supplementing their performance with another 4 to 6 of our older fan guns setting us up with a lot of great firepower to fortify the lower mountain snowpack ensuring that we will have access to the more consistent upper mountain natural snow.

The best news of the summer is that we have completed the last stages of our partnership agreement with Goldbelt Inc. to fund the installation of our Gondola. The funds are now in our accounts and the engineering team is back at task working on the final tower positioning and terminal designs. We anticipate that our construction contract will be ready to issue by early March in the hopes of being able to issue an award in late April or early May. If things go as planned we may be able to open the Gondola for the first rides in the fall of 2025 and be able to utilize it for the winter season of 2025/2026. We are excited to have Goldbelt Inc by our side as we launch into this exciting new era for Eaglecrest.

Dave Scanlan
[email protected]
907.790.2000 x4297