Before we get to the powder shots galore that WILL be posted this week, it’s important to share the past week of snowmaking.
We have been running our snowmaking system nearly around the clock 24/7 since cold temperatures arrived on January 5th. Over the last week, we have covered Muskeg, Dolly Varden, Stickleback, Platter Chutes, Base of Hooter the entire base area of Ptarmigan, Lower Log Jam Runout, bottom of Sneaky, all of Sourdough, and are now wrapping up the bottom of Ego to create enough snow to get our terrain park built for the season.
This effort would not have been possible without dedicated staff making it happen. Throughout this snowmaking run we pumped over 4.5 MILLION gallons of water from Cropley Lake making mountains of snow.
Fun Fact: with such a warm wet start to the season, the lake is still completely full. All of this manmade snow will fortify the rest of our season with a durable base of snow on our main trail arteries.
Now, let’s get to the pow!