Eaglecrest Ski Area is excited to announce the Pulse Gondola is officially in transit.

General Manager Dave Scanlan has been busy in Austria overseeing the loading of Eaglecrest’s new gondola. The packing and shipping process was broken down into two weeks of work. Each week consisted of loading 10-11 containers. The first week, the team loaded 11 shipping containers full of towers, cabins, and sheave wheels and sent them off on trucks to port in Belgium. This last week the team finished loading the rest of the gondola cabins, the two bull wheels, and several motor room pieces. Each bull wheel weighs in at 6.2 tons and was originally designed to come apart into two halves, making the shipping process of these monster parts, a little easier. The second shipment consisted of 10 containers and 1 flatbed trailer for the bull wheels. That’s a total of 22 truck loads of parts and equipment.

The team is stoked to have the loading portion of this project done as of last Friday, July 15th. The packing of the gondola containers was considered a success, without needing an additional third week of packing and shipping.

Here’s the entire transportation breakdown: the shipping trucks made the two-day trip from Austria to Antwerp, Belgium where they’ll begin the sea voyage towards the lower 48. Once they hit the US, ships will then offload in Virginia, where the containers will be moved to rail transportation. Then it’ll take about 15-20 days for them to hit the West Coast. The bull wheels will travel by truck from Virginia to Washington. Once everything is in Seattle, the gondola will make its final leg of the journey up through the inside passage to Juneau.

You can track the Sea Voyage as it’s set to ship by July 21st from Antwerp (it’s kinda like the Santa tracker, only in gondola form… and in July).

There are still 7-8 weeks of travel time ahead for the Pulse Gondola. We can expect the arrival sometime around the first week of September. For now, enjoy the content below of the on-site loading progress from Dave Scanlan. This is an exciting time for Eaglecrest and big things are on the horizon!

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out the Gondola Webinar, held in February 2022. There’s also a full Gondola Information Packet that was originally sent out when voting on the ordinance. If you have further questions please call (907)790-2000 x4298 or email [email protected]. Stay tuned to the online recent news and our social media for more updates as they come!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Eaglecrest Ski Area.