Good things come to those who snow dance! What a difference 48 hours makes.
Patrol was able to get out on the hill to assess conditions and snowpack this morning. Early season conditions are still extremely present and the snow is shallow. The ground is not yet frozen and all the creeks are still running water. Steer clear of snowmaking equipment, cables, hoses, and cats. Please use caution if you choose to recreate at Eaglecrest.
The next monster storm is lined up for Tuesday. Let’s hope it comes as snow. Opening day is still TBD but it sure is nice to see snow again.


Eaglecrest staff are working around the clock to prepare the mountain so that as soon as conditions allow, we will be ready to open. Here’s our Sunday checklist: 

  1. Tower pads up on all four lifts thanks to Patrol
  2. The groomers have track-packed the summer road to the nest. They also track packed Muskeg and the base of Hooter to preserve snow before the upcoming unpredictable storm cycle moves in. 
  3. Mountain Operations staff has been doing Lift training for Operators over the past two days in hopes of a potential opening.