Thank you to all the racers, supporters, Nugget Alaskan Outfitter, and Foggy Mountain Shop!

Everyone finished with amazingly fast times, between 29 minutes and 65 minutes! Official results below.

We had 20 racers total, which is down 25 from last season. Yes, the conditions have been great and everyone is tired for the after-hours uphill-downhill race series, but no excuses! Rest your legs and get ready for next weekend! We need a bigger turnout to keep this series going!

The uphill race route started at the Hooter chairlift base. The mid-checkpoint was the top of Hooter. The transition point, as always, was the Eagle’s Nest at the top of Ptarmigan. The downhill route was anywhere between Hilary’s and Williwaw. Almost all the racers went down Motherlode, though a few went for Hilary’s.

We’re going to change the divisions by adding a Masters Division. Following the Gold Medal Tournament format, the Master’s Division is for ages 42 & older. We will post the new standings next week after we verify everyone’s age.

If you missed the first race, don’t worry! There are still two more! Overall champions will be crowned based on the average of your two best scores! First place is 50 points, second place is 48 points, etc.

Race #2 is Saturday, March 14
Race #3 is Saturday, March 21
Race routes TBA! Stay tuned!

We are still looking for a volunteer or two to help out at the finish line!

Questions, comments, concerns, gripes, hollers? Please email or call (907) 790-2000 x227.

Thor Lindstam Mens Ski 29:22
Matt Callahan Mens Ski 29:23
Alex Burkhard Mens Ski 29:52
Todd Bailey Mens Tele 36:21
Dan Kirkwood Mens Ski 37:18
Iris Neary Womens Ski 37:40
Peter Otsea Mens Ski 37:41
Ray Imel Mens Ski 38:16
Hiram Henry Mens Tele 40:11
Daniel Wiersma Mens Ski 40:51
Laura Maruhashi Womens Ski 40:58
Jordan Callahan Womens Split 41:15
Michael Rieder Mens Split 41:35
Sean O’Neil Mens Ski 42:48
Angel Drobnica Womens Tele 45:09
Jeannette Cook Womens Ski 47:40
Naomi Staley Womens Ski 51:19
Mike Olsen Mens Ski 53:21
Kirsta Oke Womens Split 1:02:32
Julie Bednarski Womens Tele 1:05:20