When Eaglecrest is closed, you are using the area at your own risk and assume all responsibility.

At any time you may encounter mountain maintenance and grooming equipment including, snow cats, winch cat cables, snow machines, snow gun, hoses, and other machinery.


No uphill traffic permitted when avalanche hazard control work is in progress! When Eaglecrest is operating, uphill traffic is restricted to three routes and is not permitted on any other trails. Routes are subject to closure. Check the Mountain Report for more information. Pay careful attention to your surroundings, as you are traveling against the normal traffic flow.

Route 1.   East Side of Eaglecrest: From the Base follow skier’s right (looker’s left) side of tree line to bottom of Trickster. Ascend Trickster on skier’s right side to access, Hilda meadows upper cross country loop and Mt Troy areas. No uphill access permitted above Base of Black Bear Chair.

Route 2. West Side of Eaglecrest: From the Base follow skier’s left (looker’s right) side of tree line to bottom of Ptarmigan Chair. Ascend Log Jam on skier’s left side to access Cropley Lake. No uphill access permitted above Beacon Park.

Route 3.  Porcupine Learning Area: From the lodge follow skier’s right side (looker’s left) of Muskeg to access Mt. Stewart & Wedding Bowl.

When Eaglecrest is not operating, uphill traffic must stay well away from heavy machinery and snowmaking equipment, hoses, and cables. With our new snowmaking expansion, we will have significantly larger presence on the lower mountain on non operating days.


Dogs are not allowed at Eaglecrest between 8:00 AM and  5:00 PM, December through April, on operating days. If you stay overnight with a dog at the Hilda Dam Cabin, it must be off the mountain by 8:00 AM.

During non-operating hours, Eaglecrest follows the City and Borough of Juneau Dog Policy per code as listed below:

  • 08.40.010 – Dogs at large.
  • The keeper of any dog shall keep the dog under restraint at all times and shall not permit the dog to be at large.
  • (Serial No. 2009-12(d), § 2, 10-12-2009)

Restraint means either:

  • (1) Actual physical control, such as on a leash held by a person capable of physically controlling the animal, on a chain, within fenced premises, in a building, kennel, or cage; or
  • (2) Under competent voice control of the keeper or other responsible person; or
  • (3) On the premises of the keeper or other property with the prior permission of the owner of the property; or
  • (4) Properly secured within a vehicle as provided in section 72.10.130.

Competent voice control means when all the following are met:

  • (1) The person exhibiting the voice control is present with the animal and monitors all of its activities;
  • (2) The person exhibiting the voice control is capable of directing all of the animal’s movements and activities by voice commands; and
  • (3) The animal under voice control follows all of the vocal commands quickly and accurately.

Out of safety concerns for guests, employees and resort property, as well as concerns for individual privacy, Eaglecrest Ski Area prohibits the the operation or use of unmanned aerial systems or drones by the general public – including recreational users and hobbyists – without the prior written authorization from management.

This prohibition includes drones used for filming or videotaping, as well as any drone use by media or journalists operation above or within Eaglecrest boundaries. This prohibition on drone operations or use extends to any drones launched or operated from Eaglecrest property, as well as drones launched from private property outside of the Eaglecrest boundaries.

Please contact General Manager, Dave Scanlan, if you have any questions or if you seek prior authorization to operate any aerial drones. Any authorized operation of aerial drones may be governed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations, local law enforcement, as well as those policies separately established by Eaglecrest, which may include certification, training, insurance coverage, indemnification requirements and waivers or releases of liability.

Any violation of this policy may involve suspension of skiing or snowboarding privileges and the confiscation of any drone equipment. Violators may be subject to any damages, including, but not limited to, damages for violations of privacy and/or physical or personal injuries or property damage, as well as regulatory fines and legal fees.


Ask the lift attendant for help if needed. Smallest kids load closest to attendant. Riders must remove and carry backpacks in their laps. It’s okay to miss a chair and wait for the next one. Do not use phones or handheld technology while loading or unloading the chairlift. If something is dropped, let it fall. Any dropped item can be retrieved later.

Absolutely NO horseplay on the lifts.


Updated May 2019

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