It’s been a few weeks, where have you guys been!? Hopefully on the mountain! Since our last report on December 29th we’ve received over 100” of snowfall, including 87” in January and 44” in the last four days! Now we’re in the midst of another storm forecasted to deliver 13”!

We’ve had absolutely prime conditions all over the mountain, and the settled snow depth at the base has doubled, from 20” to 40”. We’re looking really good for a strong second half of the season!

I’d also like to take a minute and say THANK YOU to my fellow employees who worked so hard over this last storm cycle! When it snows like this, everyone’s job gets a lot more strenuous. More shoveling, plowing, maintenance, patrol work, and lots of early mornings and late nights. So thank you! Especially from Jonny and I because we definitely get the most ski time up here. I almost feel guilty…

Also, Saturday was the busiest day of the year! Thank you to everyone for coming up and spending the day with us. We had a two-hour delay on Black Bear, so Ptarmigan lines ran long in the morning. It took eight guys over three hours to clear all the snow and ice from the terminals, towers, and chairs. We wish we could’ve gotten a head start on Friday, but it takes a lot of hands and the hands we had were quite full with all this pow. We are accepting applications, visit!

As for special events, the ski club held two races this weekend: Sourdough on Saturday and Hilary’s on Sunday! They’re heading up to Girdwood next week, so wish them luck! They’ve been training hard!

We’re working on scheduling another film night, much like Snovember. And Saturday, February 15 is one of three remaining Season Pass Holders’ Bring A Friend For Free Days. Also, dates for the 2nd annual Powder Keg Cup will be announced soon! That’s our uphill race series in March. Stay tuned for more information!

Wee Ski and Little Rippers Session #2 starts February 15 or 16. Both are great six-week programs for young skiers and snowboarders ages  3-6 years old. Learn more here or call the Snowsports School at (907) 790-2000 x211.

For Adults, we have Ptarmigan & Beyond workshop series starting next Sunday, February 9, at 10am. It’s only $140 for four weeks of two-hour lessons. That’s $35 a week, or $17.50 an hour. A seriously good deal! AND NO ONE has signed up yet, so book now and benefit from an incredible student to instructor ratio.

If you missed out purchasing an Early Bird Season Pass, you can still save at the Ticket Window by purchasing a Flex Pass or Multi-Visit Card.