It’s official. The Pulse Gondola has landed in Juneau and is currently being unloaded by the Eaglecrest crew. We’ve started the unloading process of unpacking all the cabins, sheave wheels, and other various parts from 21 containers. The two bull wheels arrived first and thus were unloaded into the lower nordic lot first. These were one of the most challenging pieces to ship, and we are relieved to have them unloaded.

The entire process took place over the past two weeks. We are taking our time to make sure we have tabs on everything that’s coming out of the containers and ready to be stored for the upcoming season, so it’s ready to go next summer. We have staked out our tower locations with local contractors and are finalizing blueprints so we are ready to go depending on contractor availability, next summer. It’s a big project involving a really impressive ski lift system that Eaglecrest is proud to install and support.

All Juneauites are welcome to check it out in the lower nordic parking lot.