History in the making! Today we finished staging an 11 snow gun line from the base of Ptarmigan, all the way to Black Bear Chairlift! We’ve never had guns this high before! The water pumphouse and pipeline are pressure tested and ready to go; snowmaking staff is standing by!

Upper mountain conditions are pretty fun right now! We have a 33″ snowpack, 6.5″ of new snow in the last 48 hours, and a good looking forecast. However, the base snowpack is only 6″ with no new snow. Before we can open new terrain, we need a safe route all the way down.

The goal of this snowmaking lineup is to blow in the summer road from Williwaw runout down to Hooter so we can offer a home run trail! Fingers crossed for natural snow, cold temps, and low humidity!

For updates and the latest news, check skieaglecrest.com/conditions or call the Snow Phone (907) 790-2000 x2.

Our SMI Snow Makers PoleCat looks good this high on the mountain!

You can faintly see the snowline is even with the top of the gun. This lineup of guns will really help bridge the gap and get us riding!

The black pads are more hydrants off the new pipeline. We opted to connect more guns closed to the Race Shack and Ptarmigan were snow depths are shallowest.

This HKD Snowmakers Halo is connected to the last hydrant on the new Black Bear pipeline. It’s the highest elevation snow gun in the history of Southeast Alaska!

We’re ready and waiting for the right temps and humidity!

You can make out that snow is sticking to the trees right about even with the top of Hooter Chairlift’s elevation.

Our fearless GM, Dave, monitoring the amps on the pumphouse motor. He’s loving the new gauge this season so he can skip the mental math!

This is the worst of it! We have our six new air/water HKD Snowmakers Vipers staged at the thinnest part of the summer road. With some luck, we’ll soon have a new layer of manmade snow paved over this stretch.