Eaglecrest’s Ski Shop has you covered for all end-of-season maintenance. Treat your gear to a well-deserved tune or wax! The shop will be open until the end of April.

If you won’t be using your skis or board until next season, then a storage wax is a great option and only costs $20! Bring your gear to the shop, and one of our technicians will apply a generous coat of wax. The goal is to leave the wax on all summer, which will soak into the surface and protect your equipment. Then, when you’re ready to get back on the hill next winter, bring your gear back, and we will remove the excess wax and make sure you are all set for another season of skiing or riding!

If you plan on touring/split boarding after Closing Day, consider opting for a full tune. This includes filling gouges, base grind, set stone pattern, sharpening edges, and a pro wax— all for $60.

Questions? Contact the Repair Shop at (907) 790-2000 x 4290 or email [email protected]