Eaglecrest’s season snowfall total is now more than 500″ thanks to another 10″ in the last 24 hours! There’s still no sign of spring. Closing day is April 18, 2021.

This much snowfall has only happened once before in recorded history when Eaglecrest had 640″ in 2011-2012. Although this is a historic season for Eaglecrest, even an average winter (320″) is punctuated by consistent, incremental snowfall accumulation and refreshed powder day after day.

Eaglecrest averages less than 1,000 skiers and snowboarders per day, spread out across 640 acres with a 1,620’ vertical drop. Without any roads to Juneau, there’s no congestion or powder panic. Turns are untracked and moguls hardly ever form.

Last winter Eaglecrest had a 54-Day Snowfall Streak that dropped 237″ from January 19 – March 12, 2020. Watch the recap video here.

This winter there have been five streaks of at least 14 consecutive days with snowfall!

  • December 14 – 24: 41″ over 14 days
  • December 28 – January 10: 54″ over 14 days
  • January 12 – January 21: 61″ over 14 days
  • February 17 – March 6: 106″ over 18 days
  • March 15 – April 2: 104″ over 19 days

Out of the 88 operating days so far, 53 have had at least 2″ of 24-hour snowfall and 36 have had at least 4″. Only nine operating days have had zero inches of 48-hour snowfall, and six of them were all in a row during our sunniest stretch of weather, February 10 – 15.

You know it’s going to be a memorable winter when 60% of operating days have refreshed snow conditions, and now that Eaglecrest has officially surpassed 500″ it’s even more remarkable.

Track the daily snowfall measurements at skieaglecrest.com/conditions. Look for the Snowfall History section.