This past fall Eaglecrest, CBJ Parks & Recreation, and Juneau Mountain Bike Alliance hosted the world-renowned trail development company Gravity Logic to perform a feasibility study for Juneau area mountain biking.

Eaglecrest and its surrounding terrain were surveyed for commercial mountain bike opportunities while Pederson Hill, Cope Park, The PBR Zone, Lower Perseverance, and other areas were examined for potential non-commercial trail development.

Gravity Logic writes, “Eaglecrest appears to have many of the assets required for the development of a modest but exciting bike park. The topography is interesting, and the vertical differential of the most appropriate lift is perfectly suited for the design and construction of a variety of lift-accessed trails. Most importantly, however, the stakeholders we met on the ground had the unbridled enthusiasm and stubborn resolve required to bring a project from an idea, to planning, to execution.”

Eaglecrest is currently drafting a summer operations plan to provide even more recreational opportunities for Juneau’s residents and visitors while creating long-term financial security for our community ski area. Mountain biking has been identified as one of many potential growth areas. We hope to have our summer plans ready for review and comment by early summer.

You can read the full Gravity Logic report here. Please let us know what you think!