We have more new snowfall! 8.6″ in the last 48 hours! Read the Mountain Report for more details at skieaglecrest.com/conditions!

Yesterday we set a groomed track on the Summer Road from the base to the top of Black Bear Chairlift. This morning we are track packing the lower mountain! In the photos below, you’ll see that we’ve made several passes on Sneaky. We’ll also hit Sourdough and the Log Jam runout.

Track packing is when we drive a snowcat over the snow without using the tiller. The weight of the machine compresses the snow, forcing out air pockets and producing a more durable snowpack, but without the tiller, there isn’t a nice, finished corduroy surface for carving turns.

The base snowpack is 14″, so we are still a few snowfalls away from grooming the trails. However, right now the snow temperature, depth, and quality are perfect for track packing. It’s not sticking to the groomers or leaving behind massive blocks of snow from the tracks, but it is still extremely challenging to ski and snowboard over.

If you visit the mountain, please use caution, hike at your own risk, and avoid snowmaking equipment, hoses, and cables. Check the new “Uphill Status” section at skieaglecrest.com/conditions. We reserve the right to suspend access at any time for ski patrol or mountain operations. The snow is shallow and early season conditions persist. Hazards are out there, some buried just below the snow surface.

WINTER 2020-2021 NOTES

  • If you purchased a season pass last year, this year's purchase will automatically load onto last year's card. If you want to test your pass before Opening Day or have a new one printed, please visit the Ticket Office this preseason. Open daily 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  • Eaglecrest’s new operating schedule is Wednesday through Sunday. Opening Day is scheduled for Saturday, December 5, 2020. We're open daily over Christmas Break, Spring Break, MLK Day, and Presidents’ Day. Black Bear Chairlift will operate every day.
  • Review our winter operations planFace coverings are required whenever you are not actively skiing or snowboarding. Ride as a single or within your social bubble. Treat your vehicle as your lodge. Please be respectful.
  • If you are visiting Eaglecrest, always read the Mountain Report before arriving. Check the Uphill Status if you plan to hike, ski, or snowboard tour. Important announcements and updates will be posted there.
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