Eaglecrest’s CCC Trail Crew is making strides on the Sourdough Mountain Bike Trail’s lower section, which will connect from the Race Shack (see above) to the base of the Hooter Chairlift. This trail will duck in and out of the rainforest and has awesome berms, bridges, and other features!

The images above show a section of nearly finished trail surface, capped with RAP (recycled asphalt). The crew is using water from our snowmaking pipeline to help with the compacting process. This summer has been exceptionally rainy (over 11″ since June 1), and snowmaking hoses haven’t been necessary most days!

The trail pops out of the woods briefly and goes around the zipline tower, where the crew has made a break area. From here to the base of Hooter, you can see we are still laying down a fabric layer and covering it with large crushed rock. The last step will be adding the RAP and compacting the surface. Hopefully next week the crew will be advancing up the mountain to begin pioneering the upper section!