Last Wednesday, the City Assembly’s Finance Committee passed a motion to keep our Fiscal Year 2021 funding the same as last year, FY20. With this, we know we can operate the ski area this coming winter, for which we are incredibly thankful.

However, the city has also increased the amount that they charge back to Eaglecrest for the use of city services such as Finance, Human Resources, MIS, Legal, and other departments. Additionally, Eaglecrest’s workers’ comp and medical insurance plan contributions have gone up as well.

These uncontrollable expenses create a net funding loss of $155,000 from FY20 to FY21, which represents a 22% budget cut. Accounting for this cut will not be easy, but the entire city landscape is facing similar difficult scenarios.

The Assembly still has a lot of work ahead of them this budget cycle, including a review of Eaglecrest’s Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funding. As the rest of the city budget process gets firmed up, there could also be more discussion about approving Eaglecrest’s request for additional funding.

Thank you all for your continued enthusiastic support of our mountain. Your voices are being heard!

Dave Scanlan
General Manager
[email protected]
(907 790-2000 x211